Here at Calvary Leadership College, we’re working hard to provide an unmatched college experience at an affordable cost. Students may also apply outside scholarships and apply for Financial Aid to help cover the cost of the program.

Here’s how that breaks down:

Annual Cost

Tuition: $6,120.00

Evangel Fee: $420.00

Site Fee: $2,900.00

Total: $9,440.00

*Only standard undergraduate tuition is listed & site fee is subject to change from year to year. Please contact the Site Director to inquire about tuition information for other programs. Students enrolled in practicum receive a scholarship that covers the cost of practicum credits. Tuition listed is based on 15 credits per semester, with practicum scholarship.
Some students may be eligible to receive federal and state financial aid. Select 'View Details' for more information.

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Students in CLC may choose either to commute from home, or live with others CLC students in our houses located right in Downtown Naperville for just $350/mo.

Downtown Naperville is home to many unique shops and restaurants and also has a train station that can take you right to the greatest city, Chicago!


Included in the cost of Calvary Leadership College is 5 meals each week while students are on-site for classes and practicum.

We recommend budgeting $50/week for other expenses like groceries, gas and other miscellaneous needs as they come up.